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Birel Supplies the Competition Chassi

It is with great pleasure that we as The Kart Shoppe, were selected to supply Birel chassis to the South African Kart Racing Academy. We are firm believes in giving youngsters a fair chance to show and develop there skills in a motorsport environment.

It was with this principal in mind that we supplied Birel chassis to SAKRA.

Birel is one of Europe’s top manufacturers of karts and equipment. Based in Lissone Italy, Birel actively participates in all CIK events including European, World and WSK championships. Birel was established over 40 years ago, and has always been at the forefront of karting using its tremendous technical understanding of karting equipment to its advantage. To prove this, Birel has won 26 World Championships and countless European Championships.

In South Africa, the Birel brand is just as successful winning numerous South African National and Regional titles.

When we selected the type of Birel karts to be used by SAKRA, we decided to supply top of the range karts namely the Birel RY31S1 chassis. We have had tremendous success locally with the RY31S1 and Birel is currently leading European Championships with the exact same chassis.

Knowing that the SAKRA drivers are in top of the range karts, means we can supply them with efficient technical support, relying on our experience as well as experience gained by Birel itself.

Having done a technical presentation to SAKRA drivers and mechanics, we are pleased to see that they are all starting to understand the basic technical principals of karting.

We are also pleased by not only supplying Birel karts to SAKRA, but also by seeing some exceptional results in such a short period of time.

We are very proud to be the supplier of Birel Chassis and support to the SAKRA program. By using Birel chassis we are sure the SAKRA program will obtain its goals in a short period of time.

Neil Curtis

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