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What the SAKRA Programme Means to Me

How it all started…

It all started when my school had a “Soap Box Derby” where the parents had to help build a go kart and participate in a race. I could not attend due to a swimming competition but wished I had a kart of my own. My mom saw an advertisement in the local paper and asked me if I would be interested in karting.  She completed and forward my application and did not know what to expect.

Mom and I was called for an interview followed by a play station session and finally on the track elimination.  When I first drove in the kart I was scared but at the same time excited and did not know that on this day the 24th May 2008 will change my life.

I had to commit myself to theory classes, fitness training and practising on the track. My first race was fun and I made a lot of mistakes and had a lot to learn. It wasn’t easy because I always set high goals for myself when racing. As for theory classes I struggled a bit but received assistance from SAKRA in this area.

In January 2009 I was moved from the SAKRA JUNIOR CLASS to the GP JUNIORS which was not easy. Joy, Claudio and Michele encouraged and motivated me as I found it difficult because I was too comfortable in the SAKRA JUNIOR CLASS.I’m now in the GP JUNIOR CLASS and competed in my first race on 10th and 11th April 2009 and achieved 3rd position.

The SAKRA Program has changed my life. I have become more disciplined and focussed with my school work. I want to use this opportunity to learn more and apply all the skills given to me.

I would like thank the SAKRA Management team for their ongoing support and for giving me a lifetime opportunity by starting my dream…

Chadley Swarts

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