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We are back at Cape Town for the nationals next weekend.  South Africa is very proud of her Big 5 but SAKRA is proud of their “BIG 6” taking part in the Rotax Nationals and they are as follows

Maxterin Class – Rookies

  Paul Malcolm     Denis Joubert   Lucas Royston

Good luck guys, we know this is all going to be very new and exciting and you will be extremely nervous but just do your best and enjoy the whole experience. If you do happen to bring home a trophy that will be fantastic but if that does not happen all you need to do is complete all your racers and you will be a winners.

Maxterino Class                                                Mini Max Class

Dylan Snell          Kai van Zijl

Well now guys you have done this before, Dylan once and Kai many times so you all have gained some experience and I’m sure you will help the rookies keep calm for their races. Good luck guys we know you can do well and will always try your best.

Junior Max Class

    Simon Simpson-Heath

Simon with a years’ experience on the national circuit is our most experienced driver and it will be good for the new guys on the block to see what he can do on home turf. Good luck and have a great race meeting, your team mates and all of team SAKRA will be shouting for you.

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