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SAKRA Driver Fitness Program

It was an honor for me to be afforded the opportunity to be involved with the South African Kart Racing Academy. I have been involved with many top sports men and women around the world but this opportunity to work with young kids from the start of such an exciting program was truly incredible.

The first focus was to get into the minds of these little athletes and extract the potential residing within them.

One thing I learnt was that you cannot treat these kids as young adults .They are kids with a different set of rules!

I think that what I learnt from them will definitely help me in working with other athletes in the future. An important aspect that I learnt in order to extract this potential from thesis kids to train the parents.

Parents and family support and pressure (to succeed) play a huge role in how these kids perform. I think training the parents is just as important as training the kids.

Besides all the usual aspects of fitness and mental focus etc, I focused on two other aspects of fitness that I felt were invaluable in improving performance.

The first one is the concept of MUSCLE ACTIVATION. This is a cutting edge technology that switches the body on.

Muscle Activation is a performance enhancing system.  The system helps create a greater structural integrity in the body – so it is able to function at higher levels of performance in strength, power, flexibility, reflexes and endurance as well as speed, balance and co-ordination.   The results are both immediate and measurable.

The end is result is the driver becoming one with his racing car (Kart) in body and Mind. Drivers are able to handle G forces with greater ease etc, and since the body functions at a higher more efficient level, the brain is freed up to handle all the sensory inputs of racing eg taking a gap, balance between aggressive and assertive driving etc.

Muscle activation not only improves driver performance with regard to racing but to performance in life.

The second aspect I focused on was nutrition, especially brain nutrition. Unfortunately our kids do not have the same quality nutrition as we had as kids. Supplementation has become mandatory and no longer a nice to have. The kids were supplemented with Food For Thought (brain smart nutrients), they concentrated for longer periods, made better decisions and were much calmer during a race.

I would like to extrapolate much more on the fitness program, but with my enthusiasm I will be writing a thesis.

A program I would like to start in the future is one called Psi – kinetics, basically the psychology of movement, this science allows us to actually perform telemetry on the mind and body. One could measure if a driver is aggressive, submissive or assertive. Aggressive and submissive drivers are slow and assertive drives fast.

The beauty is that you could train the driver using psi-kinetics.

Anyway, thank you for affording me opportunity to work with these wonderful kids.

Yours sincerely

Dr Costa Kapnias

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