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A Shared Vision

Whilst South Africa is internationally recognised as having produced many successful motorsport competitors, its reputation as a major player in the global motorsport industry has been virtually non-existent. One cannot blame this on a lack of successful businesses in the sector, but rather on the absence of an officially recognized, formalized and structured motorsport industry.

Within the past year, however, this situation has changed dramatically with the launch of the South African Motorsport Industry Association. SAMIA is a trade association which has as its objective the growth and development of a sustainable and vibrant South African motorsport industry. The state owned oil company PetroSA, is SAMIA’s Founder Member, and the PetroSA Vice President, Dr Nonpumelelo Siswana, is a SAMIA Director. Dell is SAMIA’s Official IT Partner.

As well as providing an umbrella organisation to encompass the many initiatives that are being introduced in the various categories of motorsport, it is also a primary aim of SAMIA to use the attraction of motorsport to encourage challenged youngsters in South Africa into technical and engineering skills training.

Interestingly, SAMIA’s founder and CEO, Brian Sims, also founded a similar organisation in the UK, back in 1994, the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA). The MIA has subsequently played a pivotal role in the growth and development of a dynamic British motorsport industry.

SAMIA has already attracted many high profile and influential business amongst its many member companies. These include the motorsport divisions of Toyota, Nissan and VW/Audi, Advanced Composites Group, Autoquip Group, the Bridgestone Production Car Championship, F1 in Schools SA and the College of Cape Town. The Association recently announced a strategic alliance with the Retail Motor Industry organisation SA’s largest automotive industry trade body which represents some 8500 businesses.

When Brian Sims attended the launch last year of SAKRA, it became obvious that there was a high level of synergy between the aims of the two organisations. Following a positive meeting with Joy Dolinschek, SAMIA welcomed SAKRA as a valuable member of the Association.

“It was a pleasure to meet such a positive and determined person as Joy. SAKRA’s objectives are very much in line with SAMIA in respect of developing the technical and engineering personnel skills that our new industry sector will require in the years to come.  Our aim is to promote and help develop such visionary initiatives as SAKRA within the overall strategy for the growth of a sustainable and vibrant SA motorsport industry”

Joy Dolinschek was one of many influential figures from the new industry at the inaugural SAMIA Industry Awards, held in Association with Business Day. The Awards recognize outstanding technical and business achievement with in the South African motorsport industry. Special Guest was Ferrari F1’s Rory Byrne.

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